How Smoke Screen Works

Attacker enters, Smoke Screen activates, room fills with smoke, attacker neutralized, crime over

They always say that the best offense is a good defense… Smoke Screen security systems are the ultimate weapon against criminal damage and threats to personal security. They keep your property safe by releasing obscuring smoke that conceals valuables and disorientates intruders. A sudden release of smoke will confuse the criminal, forcing them to abandon their objectives and retreat from the scene. Smoke Screens react to threats in seconds, meaning the attack is over almost as soon as it’s started.

Ultimate Protection, No Competition

Evidence suggests that security smoke and security fogging are more efficient crime deterrents than any other security option available on the market today.

Shutters can make your store front look unappealing to customers, making them less likely to come inside. In addition, a determined criminal won’t let a simple shutter stand in their way and you’ll have to pay for the damage they caused getting around it. Smoke Screen systems, by comparison, are easy to conceal and go practically unnoticed when not in use.

If your property is attacked, the smoke will cause no damage, meaning there’s nothing for you to clean up or replace. You can just get on with your day.

Surveillance cameras are totally ineffective if the criminal wears a mask or knows how to bypass the system, and even if they do record a useful image, they won’t necessarily prevent the crime. With a Smoke Screen the crime won’t even take place, activating on entry and disabling even the most experienced criminals.

Audio alarms are often simply ignored by determined criminals. The crime will be over before the police can arrive on the scene. Average police response times are thought to be as long as 11 minutes, by which time the intruder has escaped with your valuable possessions. A Smoke Screen, on the other hand, will slow a criminal down, denying them access to your goods and giving the police a better chance of catching them.