Mercedes Benz ICU Ambulance

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Mercedes Benz ICU Ambulance part of Global LAV’s mobile medical unit series. For more information call, 813-602-1748


Mercedes Benz ICU Ambulance

Mercedes Benz ICU Ambulance Specifications:

External dimensions (mm): 5223×1901×2340
Internal dimensions (mm): 2730×1630×1750
Wheelbase (mm): 3430
Minimum turning radius (m): 6.25
Minimum ground clearance (mm): 149
Approach angle/ Departure angle (°): 18/13
Fuel type: 97# Petrol
Emission Standard: GB18352.3-2005 Ⅳ
Engine model: 272964(BBDC)
Engine capacity (ml): 2496
Maximum speed (km/h): 180
Maximum power (kw/rpm): 140/5800
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm): 235/5200
Fuel tank capacity (L): 75
Fuel consumption (per kilometer): 12.5L
Front track (mm): 1630
Rear track (mm): 1630
Gross equipment weight (kg): 2370
Gross weight (kg): 2940
Rated number of passengers: 5-8 persons
Cluth: Single-plate, dry, diaphragm spring clutch.
a gearbox 5 speed automatic transmission
Tyre Model: 205/65R16
Steering system: hydraulic pressure power-assisted steering system
Brake (front/rear): Four-wheel disk brake, EPS (ABS, ASR, BAS, EBD)
Air conditioning system: Front and back independent air condition


Mercedes Benz ICU Ambulance

                             Mercedes Benz ICU Ambulance

Mercedes Benz ICU Ambulance Standard configuration:

Guardianship rescue cabin: Patient-oriented comprehensive structural design, Interior adopt imported composite moulding process
Imported floor material: Easy to clear and disinfect floor
Stretcher system: Automatic stretcher, scoop stretcher,stretcher platform
Power supply system: Consecutive power supply (12V, 220V)
Control model: Integrated control circuit, membrane switches control, LCD
Alert system: New type long light (100W alarm), LED square lights around
Ventilation system: Hidden downward exhaust
Aspirator system: Hidden individual aspirator, microprocessor control voltage
Sterilization system: Inserted ultraviolet sterilization lamp
Intercom system: Front and rear intercom, one-way control
Lighting system: Inner cabin special medical lamp, secondary reflection light design, antivertigo, exterior each left and right lighting
Oxygen system: 2 bottles of oxygen 10L, hidden piping line
Transfusion bracket: Overhead hidden infusion support
Fire extinguisher: Equip in front and rear cabin
Operation lamp: Medical cold light source, high-brightness LED lamp
Safe handrail: Safe guarantee design


Optional parts:

Resuscitation bag Fracture fixture Defibrillator and pacemaker monitor
Breathing machine series Instrument of Pulse oximetry First aid case
GPS, Transfusion pump Original imported alert system Imported stretcher system
Stair stretcher Soft stretcher Imported aspirator


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