Gladiator AHV Armored Personnel Carrier

Gladiator AHV Armored Personnel Carrier is made to deploy various missions, peace keeping operations and convoy escort. Impressive power and handling troops made Spartan Maxi equally suited for urban and off-road deployment.

The vehicle offers excellent protection against both ballistic and blast threats with crew compartment protection of STANAG 4569 Level 2 in various military and tactical applications.

Gladiator AHV Armored Personnel Carrier Features:

Engine Type: 6 Cylinders In-Line, 7.2 L, Turbocharched DXi7
Transmission: ZF 6S 1000 TO (6-Speed, Manual)
Horsepower: 276 Hp
Fuel Capacity: 210 L
Fuel Type: Diesel
Dimensions: W – 2420 mm | L – 6610 mm | H – 2977 mm
Wheelbase: 3800 mm
Drive Configuration: 4×4
Armoring Level: STANAG 4569 Level 2
Suspension: Suspension components are reinforced

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