Cougar – Armored Personnel Carrier

Global LAV’s Cougar is a small, agile and very capable Armored Personal Carrier with an outstanding on and off road capacity. Designed for high mobility operations, both urban and rural, Cougar can carry a crew of 8, a driver and commander with 6 deployable dismounts.

The vehicle is available with standard equipment such as run flats, air conditioning, and 2 point door locks. Optional equipment comprise of recovery winches, towing pintle and ballistic glass protection. Cougar offers a cost effective and reliable platform for a troop carrier. The vehicle can be fitted with a turret, capable of mounting up to a 12.7mm MG. A variety of customer specific remote weapon station can also be added as optional equipment.

The vehicles chassis, suspension, and brake system are fully upgraded to maximize performance. The engine bay and fuel tank are also armored. The vehicle interior can be customized to meet specific requirements such as wall or spine mounted seating layout, with jump seats or benches. . The vehicle is capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -20 C to + 55 C.

Applications: Military / Law Enforcement / Convoy Escort / Counter Terror

Cougar – Armored Personnel Carrier Features:

  • Engine Type: OEM Toyota 1GR-FE, V6 Cylinders 3956cm
  • Dimensions: W – 2,030mm | L – 5,352mm | H – 2,114mm
  • Transmission: OEM 5-Speed Manual
  • Wheelbase: 3,180mm
  • Horsepower: 228hp
  • Drive Configuration: 4×4
  • Fuel Capacity: 180 L Dual Tank
  • Suspension: Suspension components are reinforced
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Armoring Level: CEN Level B6
  • Seats: 2 + 6

Armored Enhancements:

  • Roof-mounted 360o traversing turret with perimeter protection and 7.62mm Caliber PKM gun mount assembly
  • Jump seats (6) in rear personnel compartment + (3) front
  • 4-point safety harness for rear occupants
  • 3 gun ports on each side of the vehicle, 2 gun ports in rear of the vehicle
  • Hutchinson run-flat devices fitted in all vehicles’ tires including spare wheel
  • Ballistic steel-case fuel tank protection
  • Heavy duty front and rear ram bumpers
  • Capsule body design

Cougar – Armored Personnel Carrier

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