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Beam 210 Anti-Sniper Detection System

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Beam 210 Anti-Sniper Detection System from Global LAV (813)602-1748


Beam 210 Anti-Sniper Detection System

Beam 210 Anti-Sniper Detection System Features:

  • VIP security
  • Automatic 360° scanning
  • Sniper detection
  • All weather 24-hour surveillance
  • Video & photography detection
  • Vehicle or pole/building mounted
  • Border protection
  • Detection of cameras & scopes
  • Security of important locations
  • Monitoring & automatic alerts

System Features

  • Based on hardened pan/tilt allowing 24/7 operation
  • 360 degree panoramic camera at video rates
  • Optional SWIR, Thermal or CCD payloads
  • Geo-location of targets with GPS data
  • Integrates via GigE connection to Force Protection or Combat Systems
  • Multi-spectral imaging for target verification
  • Display and Control available on any networked computer
  • Multiple LAN and WAN displays under Windows/Mac/Linux/Android


Beam 210 Anti-Sniper Detection System Specifications:


Detection range   from 50m up to 2000m
Field-of-View   Continuous scanning 360° in azimuth and -30°/+90° in elevation
Sensor size   6.5″ x 6.4″ x 12″
Sensor weight   12 lbs
Power box size   5″ x 6.5″ x 7.5″
Power box weight   4.5 lbs without battery
Backpack weight   30 lbs with all accessories
Optional sensors   EO, FLIR cameras
Mounting   Tripod included
Power supply   2590/5590 battery for 12 hours operation
Operating Temperature   -20° C to +65° C
Storage Temperature   -40° C to +80° C
Panoramic camera   Full video
Target information   GPS coordinates of all targets are shown on map and stored
Interface   Ethernet for LAN and WAN connectivity


Global LAV is your total armoring solution,  We can customize any armoring solution for any project. Operators standing by +1 813 602 1748.


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