Ballistic Helmet Silver

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Ballistic Helmet Silver offers the lightest IIIA helmet ever produced 890 grams I Global LAV (813)602-1748


Ballistic Helmet Silver

Ballistic Helmet Silver Features:

Level: IIIA according to NIJ standard 0101.04 / Patent Pending
Weight: Lightest IIIA helmet ever produced 890 grams
Color: Silver, Black, Camouflage, Green, Black
Sizes: S, M, L Width 9.5in. (24.13 cm.) x Height 7 in. (17.78 cm.)
Options: Light helmet, developed for special units, law enforcement forces, terror combatants & Infantry


Global LAV is your total light armoring solution,  We can customize any armoring solution for any project. Operators standing by

+1 813 602 1748.




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