Ballistic Glass PAS002 L/S

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Our Ballistic Glass Meets NIJ and UL standards for bullet-resistant applications. 813-602-1748


Ballistic Glass PAS002 L/S


Ballistic Glass PAS002 L/S  Features:


This extremely durable and light-weight transparent armor is available either in flat sheets, or curved and cut to fit your specific applications. Combining the hard surface of glass with the resilient toughness of poly carbonate, our systems are specially designed to defeat threats from high-powered firearms with low or no spalling. Meets NIJ and UL standards for bullet-resistant applications.


Available Surfaces and Colors:

  • Tempered
  • Heat Strengthened
  • Annealed
  • Chemically Strengthened
  • Grey, Green or Bronze Tints
We can provide a variety of laminates to stop your specified threat level.
Product: PAS 002 L/S 1″
Layer 1: 1/4″ Glass
Layer 2: .025 Urethane
Layer 3: 3/8″ Glass ATTACK SAFE
Layer 4: .05 Urethane SIDE SIDE
Layer 5: 1/8″ Polycarbonate
Layer 6: .05 Urethane
Layer 7: 3/16″ Glass
OPTIONS: Tinted Glass (Gray, Bronze, Green, Blue); Reflective Glass; One-way Mirror; Translucent
White Interlayer (Frosted Glass); Wire Glass; Insulating Units; Low E
Many more to choose from (please inquire)
Size and Thickness may not be available for every option
ANSI Z97.1-1984 Safety Glazing Materials for Buildings.
ASTM C 1036 Standard Specification for Flat Glass.
ASTM C 1172 Standard Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass
Threat: .357 JSP, 9mm FMJ, .44 SWC (3 Shots)
Weight/SQ.FT: 11.64
H.P. White TP-0500.01 Level I – Forced Entry
U.L. 752 Level II – 357 mag
Global LAV is your total light armoring solution, Call us today to get started at – (813) 602-1748


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