Armored Mercedes GL550

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Our Armored Mercedes GL550 Offers a variety of different Options.


Armored Mercedes GL550


Armored Mercedes GL550 Features:

This luxurious Armored SUV can easily be considered the king of Mercedes Benz Top-Rung SUV lineup. With its 382HP 5.5-Liter V8 engine, 7 speed automatic transmission, 4MATIC permanent AWD – the Armored Mercedes GL-550 is definitely one of the more popular choices for those looking for an armored SUV today.

The bold styling of the Mercedes GL is complimented by a multitude of chrome highlights. From the beltline moulding that accentuates its prominent lines, to the roof rails, the tasteful use of chrome gives the GL-Class the regal appearance it commands when light from the sun strikes.

Everything within the interior of the GL-Class is hinged upon the comfort as well as general safety of its passengers. Both its available space and luxurious appointments are impressive. Moreover, the interior can be customized with additional pieces in order to step up the the level of refinement as well as security.

With seating of up to 7 passengers comfortably, the GL-Class makes for a great people-carrier as well. Climate-controlled, multicontour seats, luxury front headrests and ambient lighting ensure that those travelling within this vehicle will be at the highest level of comfort possible.


Standard Armoring Package:
• 360‐degree perimeter including firewall, roof, floor protection
• OEM Glass replaced with multi‐layer Ballistic glass
• Reinforced door hinges and door supports
• Battery and ECM protection
• Suspension reinforced
• Runflat devices installed in all wheels

Additional Accessories:
• Multi‐tone Siren/PA system /Intercom
• Emergency lights package
• Fire suppression system (underbody, engine bay, fuel tank)
• GPS tracking equipment
• Radiator protection with additional cooling fans
• Engine bay ballistic protection
• Off-road accessories


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