Armored Mercedes Benz CLS

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Our Armored Mercedes Benz CLS offers GPD Package .


Armored Mercedes Benz CLS

Armored Mercedes Benz CLS Features:

Like every armored Mercedes-Benz, it’s sleek, poised and rakish. Like no car before it, the armoured CLS Class welcomes its four passengers through four inviting doors with full range of security and safety.

Known the world over for sleek performance and stylish sophistication Mercedes-Benz delivers the CLS Class. Building upon Mercedes world class reputation,Global LAV Armored Vehicle Manufacturing adds security by offering this model as an armored sedan.

While driving this armored vehicle, take pride from knowing you’re driving the best in the luxury car industry, while still having the security Global LAV provides. The thrill of driving this bullet proof car is only enhanced by the acceleration and speed provided by a twin-turbo 577hp Direct-Injection V-8.

Power being a key aspect so too is safety, with innovative factory features Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist and DISTRONIC PLUS cruise control, each implemented to keep you safe on the road. Safety and security is bolstered with innovative ballistic and blast armoring. Featuring Global LAV proprietary Overlap System designed to protect the vehicles occupants from bullets shot between the seams of the doors, without the loss of comfort.

Standard Armoring Package: 
• 360‐degree perimeter including firewall, roof, floor protection
• OEM Glass replaced with multi‐layer Ballistic glass
• Reinforced door hinges and door supports
• Battery and ECM protection
• Suspension reinforced
• Runflat devices installed in all wheels

Additional Accessories: 
• Multi‐tone Siren/PA system /Intercom
• Emergency lights package
• Fire suppression system (underbody, engine bay, fuel tank)
• GPS tracking equipment
• Radiator protection with additional cooling fans
• Engine bay ballistic protection
• Off-road accessories

Global LAV is your total light armoring solution,  We can customize any armoring solution for any project. Operators standing by +1 813 602 1748.


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