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  • The Smoke Screen Sentinel range is one of the most advanced security smoke generators in the world. It is designed to work as a permanent security solution that can either be integrated into an existi
  • Portable Smoke Screen Guardian Series is designed to tackle the very real security threats facing a number of companies who rely on haulage, logistics and individual couriers.
  • Security Smoke Screen Evolution Series is one of the most innovative and advanced smoke generators available today. All Evolution Series models use a precision engineered heater block and dual high-pe
  • Security Smoke Screen Defender Series runs on battery power, making it an ideal solution for cars and trucks. It is available in 12-volt and 24-volt units and draws on the vehicle's battery to ensure
  • Predator DNA systems have revolutionized the security fogging industry, combining our existing Smoke Screen generators with DNA tagging technology that makes it easier for the police to track down cri