RPG Protection System

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RPG Protection System by Global LAV 1

Iron Curtain Active Protection System Features Active protection systems for RPG protection with distributed sensor systems.

RPG Protection System

 One of the biggest threats faced in active combat situations occurs during transportation. Rocket Propelled Grenade [RPG] attacks can come out of nowhere and have devastating consequences if a vehicle does not have proper defensive capabilities installed. At the end of the day, the goal is simple: to come home safely. The RPG protection system offered by Global LAV can help you do just that.

We are proud to feature the Iron Curtain Active Protection System developed by Artis LLC. This is an American company which uses a remarkably simple process to prevent threats.

  1. A C-band radar system is used to intially detect and then track an incoming RPG.
  2. This alerts the RPG protection system to the threat and switches it to an armed state from an armed-read state.
  3. Optical sensors help the system be able to classify the threat, select an aimpoint, and then deploy countermeasures.

What makes the Iron Curtain Active Protection System such an advantageous solution is the fact that the countermeasures fire straight down. This eliminates the RPG threat with a minimal amount of collateral damage to equipment or personnel assets, even if they happen to be in close proximity to the event.

This system can also be extended to include a wide array of threats that go beyond the RPG.

This RPG protection system has been thoroughly tested by the US Government, demonstrating with certainty that it can save lives, defeat threats, and work more effectively than other active protection systems that have been developed thus far.

Don't let an unexpected threat change everything. With an RPG protection system providing you with an extra layer of defensive capabilities, you will have a better opportunity to make sure that everyone comes home safe every day. If you have any questions regarding this system or other defensive measures that are available through Global LAV, then contact our representatives at your convenience and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.