Mobile Medical Units

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Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Ambulance   Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 78 A

Armored Ford F550 Ambulance   Armored Ford F550 Ambulance is fully armored and outfield with complete range of medical equipment providing ultima
Water Purification Vehicle

Used for water purification at 3 m3/h. Can supply potable water on-site for police, troops and fieldwork personnel in emergency or disaster events, also supply for Mobile Kitchen and Camping Vehicle.
Mobile Medical Units - Exterior

SAIC Intensive Care Unit Ambulance from Global LAV's line of Mobile Medical Units. Call today for more information, 813-602-1748.
SAIC Advanced Ambulance 1

SAIC Advanced Ambulance featuring High strength anti-collision, anti-torque independent frame from Global LAV. Call now, 813-602-1748.
Mercedes Benz ICU ambulance 1 

Mercedes Benz ICU Ambulance part of Global LAV's mobile medical unit series. For more information call, 813-602-1748

Mobile Medical Units

Speed is an essential component to the resolution of any emergency. Being able to render services, provide needed transportation, or offer badly needed supplies can literally be the difference between life and death. Our mobile medical units are vehicles that are designed and fabricated to be used for a wide range of medical service needs.

Our advanced platforms can help to transform your mobile medical units into highly durable tools that will enhance the services you're able to provide. Every option that is offered on this site gives you some level of these three key features.

  • High strength. You never know what situation you may be driving into when you're using a mobile medical unit. To get your job done, you need high levels of strength with this tool so you can power through any difficulty.
  • Anti-collision features. Even if you have lights on and sirens going, there will always be that one driver who doesn't think the rules apply to them. You'll be able to stay safer when you encounter that driver with these features.
  • Anti-torque features. With an independent frame, you're able to reduce the torque experienced by the unit's occupants, allowing them to focus on the emergency medical treatments that may be necessary.

The goal with our mobile medical units is simple: to give you the tools necessary to be more effective at what you do best. We'll help to get you where you need to be so that you don't have to worry about arriving on-time.

From potable water supplies to emergency medical services and everything in-between, we have the mobile medical units that you may need for your mission, your community, or your duties. Contact us today about our advanced solutions so that you can have the speed to meet any need when you're called upon.