Mobile Emergency Hospitals

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Mobile Emergency Hospital - Intensive Care Version

Mobile Emergency Hospital - Intensive Care Version Features: Our biggest pre-configured mobile hospital for the comprehensive treatment of patients at the level of a hospital.
Mobile Emergency Hospital - Advanced Version

Mobile Emergency Hospital - Advanced Version Features:The average version of our mobile Hospitals for advanced treatment of patients based on increased diagnostic facilities such as X-ray diagnostics.
Mobile Emergency Hospital - Basic Version

Our smallest Mobile Emergency Hospital - Basic Version is suitable for the rapid establishment of a first medical help at the scene.

Mobile Emergency Hospitals

Millions tuned into the TV show MASH each week to see what life was like for doctors and military personnel in mobile hospitals during a time of war. Those actors portrayed doctors who were able to take any patient and be able to give them the potentially life-saving care they needed. Modern mobile emergency hospitals are able to do the same thing for today's personnel, giving you the opportunity for the rapid establishment of medical care and almost any scene. Mobile emergency hospitals are often used in military situations, but there are numerous other applications where they are useful. Hospitals can deploy these units during emergency situations so that more patients can be rapidly treated. Stadiums and other large gathering places that hold events can deploy mobile hospitals as an initial treatment area so that safety can be a top priority. Our mobile hospitals come in three options for your consideration today.

  • ICU. This is the mobile emergency hospital that can take on the comprehensive treatments that some patients may need. You have space for a laboratory, radiology, and a complete intensive care unit so patients can be effectively and comprehensively treated.
  • Advanced. This mobile emergency hospital is for patients who need an increased level of care, but may not require emergency or ICU services. It is suitable as a mobile medical practice in developing areas or first-line medical care.
  • Basic. This mobile emergency hospital is best used for rapid care. It is also used by commercial and industrial partners at work sites when initial treatment at the scene may be necessary due to the location of established emergency services.

Mobile hospitals can provide basic first aid, offer diagnostic tools, and even provide sterile operating conditions in emergency situations. When going to the hospital isn't an option, then a mobile hospital is your next best solution. Could you benefit from having one of these three options at your disposal today? Contact our staff about this solution and we'll be happy to discuss how it could meet your needs. Mobile Hospitals from Global LAV come ready to protect & care for any potential patient. Different Options Available. Please Call (813) 602-1748