Intensive Care Unit Ambulances

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Mercedes Benz ICU ambulance 1 

Mercedes Benz ICU Ambulance part of Global LAV's mobile medical unit series. For more information call, 813-602-1748

Intensive Care Unit Ambulances

Being able to save a life is one of the greatest missions any of us can undertake. Lives don't get saved with our best intentions. To get the job done, you need to have the right tools available within reach so you can respond at a moment's notice to changing circumstances. This is why the intensive care unit ambulances available today are one of the best investments any medical service provider can make.

An ICU ambulance allows for greater care to be given to those patients that are suffering from life-threatening conditions. Each ambulance comes with a complete life support system so that you can maintain a patient during the transportation process to a facility with greater levels of care. When every second counts, this type of system can help you add more seconds into the equation so that each critically ill patient has a greater chance of survival.

Intensive care unit ambulances also come with the ventilation and monitoring equipment that are needed for patients in a critical condition. This gives your medical personnel the information they need to be able to make the correct care decisions a patient may need.

It is the essential cornerstone to saving a life.

Because these ambulances must provide high quality transportation needs to critically ill patients, the smoothness of the ride and it's ability to maintain a consistent environment are equally important. Look for options that include front and back independent air conditioning, hydraulic pressure power-assist steering systems, and torque control so that you can have the power and speed needed for even the most critical of situations.

Lives get saved when correct split-second decisions can be made. The intensive care unit ambulances will give you the foundation necessary to make those decisions consistently. Let us show you how your team can benefit from this essential vehicle today.