Definition of Ballistic Glass

Ballistic glass, which is often called “bulletproof glass,” is an effective solution to modern security problems.

The construction of ballistic glass is a straight-forward process. There are multiple layers of laminated glass that get fused together into a single sheet. Layers may include urethane, polycarbonate, and heat-strengthened glass.

Then the final layer should consist of a spall shield.

Why Is a Spall Shield Necessary?

Stopping a bullet is the first job of a well-made ballistic glass product. Once the projectile hits the glass, any fragmentation the impact may cause must be stopped as well.

Without a spall shield, you run the risk of suffering further damage to your ballistic glass upon impact. You would also create new personnel safety risks with the fragments after impact.

Choose Global LAV for Your Ballistic Glass Needs

Global LAV offers a full series of ballistic glass security products from which to choose. Each product is cut to your exact specifications to ensure it will meet the needs of your current application or situation.

The ballistic glass at Global LAV meets all NIJ and UL standards for bullet-resistant applications.

You will find that modern ballistic glass is surprisingly lightweight, even with its reputation for strength and durability. This allows you to defeat threats in a way that other glass products are unable to provide.

There is little spalling, if any at all, even when impacted by a projectile from a high-powered firearm.

Several options are available with the ballistic glass through Global LAV.

  • We provide you with tinting options that include blue, green, gray, and bronze.
  • You can choose to have your ballistic glass act as a one-way mirror.
  • Frosted glass, insulating glass, wire glass, and other features of personalization may be available with your selected product.

Please note that not all customization options may be available with every size and thickness. Enquire today about the features you require for the ballistic glass needed to complete your project.