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Armored Vehicles

Tough jobs require tough equipment. Sometimes your best solution is going to be an armored vehicle so you can get your next job done. As a global supplier of armored vehicles to governments, militaries, and law enforcement institutions, you will find the right solution to have your needs met today so that every tomorrow can be a little bit safer.

These heavy machines can take many different forms. There are several armored personnel carriers that offer weapon mounting options so you can take on a superior defensive role or become offensive when the time is right. We offered armored vehicle solutions for law enforcement agencies who may need to send personnel into high-risk situations to protect the general public. We also offer armored cars and SUVs for enhanced personal transportation requirements.

There are numerous reasons why armored vehicles give you the advantage. Here are just a few of those reasons to think about.

  • It provides you with a safety tool that can protect personnel while you work to disarm a potential threat.
  • It adds an extra level of protection to the high security risks that occur when traveling by automobile.
  • It prevents an easy opportunity for kidnappings, violent crime, and other personal risk issues when VIPs or security forces have been targeted.

You deserve a superior level of protection. You deserve comprehensive supports. You’ll receive that and much more when you select us for the armored vehicles you may need today.

For proper safety precautions, it is often necessary to have a customized armoring solution.

Our defense experts can help you create an armoring solution for any project, mission, or requirement you may have.

Let us know what armored vehicles you may need and we’ll help you make sure that you’ve got the tools necessary to get the job done.

Global LAV is a global supplier of Armored Vehicles to governments, police, military etc. We customize to suit your needs. Please Call (813) 602-1748.