Armored Luxury Sedans

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Armored Mercedes Viano Van   Armored Mercedes Viano Van  includes full vehicle armoring with certified steel and design to resist external balli
armored sedan mercedes

Our Armored Mercedes Benz CLS offers GPD Package .
Armored Range Rover Sport

Our Armored Range Rover Sport offers 5.0L V-8 DOHC direct gasoline injection 32 valve intercooled supercharger engine with variable valve control.
Armored Hyundai Equus Luxury Car

Armored Hyundai Equus offers reinforced door hinges to support additional weight of the armor I Global LAV (813)602-1748
Armored Rolls Royce Phantom

Armored Rolls Royce Phantom offers patented designed armoring for the firewall and wheel wells I Global LAV (813)602-1748
Armored Bentley mulsanne Sedan

Armored Bentley Mulsanne offers patented designed armoring for the firewall and wheel wells I Global LAV (813)602-1748

Armored Luxury Sedans

 Armored luxury sedans offer you the opportunity to enjoy an enhanced level of security while still enjoying a higher level of luxury. Whether it's for private use or used for VIP transportation, you'll find that these armored sedans appear to have the same exterior as non-armored makes and models. Only those who need to know that the vehicle has been armored will know about the increased level of security it is able to provide.

The benefits of making an investment into an armored luxury sedan today are numerous.

  • These armored sedans are built with the necessary protection to absorb fir from multiple forms of assault.
  • Each armored sedan is fully capable of driving on any roadway and is suitable for daily use.
  • Form and function come together to create a comfortable, secure sedan that can make sure you or your VIP arrive safely.

From the initial engineering and design of your preferred armoring solution to the premium finishing touches, your armored luxury sedan can help you stay protected when you are the most vulnerable. Up to 90% of attacks occur when your or your distinguished client are out on the road. When you're in an armored sedan, you've already disarmed many potential threats to your security.

You'll find that our armored luxury sedans feature parts that are precision-cut. We incorporate the latest in ballistic resistance so that your security is always the best it can be. We also make sure that your vehicle looks, feels, and drives like any other luxury sedan on the road today so you don't place yourself unwittingly into a vulnerable position.

If you'd like to know more about how armored luxury sedans could improve your security, please feel free to contact one of your custom relations specialists today. We'll be able to answer any question you may have so that you can determine if this is the best solution for your needs.