Mobile Hospitals are a key component in disaster and humanitarian relief operations and also with the armed forces medical services.

Due to the increase in natural disasters, epidemics, famine, refugee aid and military conflicts, the medical care will be provided with new challenges. To provide a qualified and affected on-site help, we have aligned our mobile hospitals to the local practical needs.

The basic problem here is the lack of or destroyed infrastructure, which hinders the performance or the reconstruction of a hospital. For this reason, our mobile hospitals are designed to become quick operational and the ability to work independently. Establish the independence of supply networks, flanged at the head of each one Shelters Independent Supply Unit (ISU) to. This important system component consists of an air conditioner, a suitably rated generator, a box with the key tools and fresh water and fuel tank.

Another advantage is that our existing mobile hospitals from shelters and tents are highly mobile. The shelters, which are based on our own Top Composite Design technology, are built under the worldwide ISO standard and therefore allow the use of commercial logistics equipment, with which 20-foot containers can be moved. For an abandoned Tung on trucks with ordinary container bridges is possible. Alternatively, our Multi-Free Low called torsion-frame structure allows the transportation of our mobile hospitals in rough terrain.

With a rapid start to the high mobility of mobile hospitals is associated. The settling of the carrier vehicle of Shelter and its readiness occurs within a few minutes installing and setting up the tents can be overcome in less time with less staff. So it is possible that a mobile hospital with a bed capacity of 20 patients by four task forces is ready in just 5 hours.


The backbone of our mobile hospitals consists of shelters that are based on the basis of our own Top Composite Design technology. The sandwich panels consist of a PU foam which is baked with aluminium deck sheets. These panels form a strength construction. The use of electrical power jacks allows Shelter for use by the vehicle can also be deposited without being dependent on cranes or the like.

Mobile Hospitals from Global LAV

The Shelter serves primarily as the mobile hospital treatment, examination or procedure room. Sensitive medical equipment such as X-ray and laboratory equipment are safely housed here. Similarly, the shelter provides a high standard of hygiene, which is hugely important in a weak infrastructure or weakened areas. Shelter takes in any medical course, which is for an effective supply of local needs.
The shelter further has in its embodiment an extensible one or both sides of the treatment area magnification.

The Independent Supply Unit (ISU) allows  an autonomous operation of the Mobile Hospital. The air conditioning system thereby ensures that no exchange of indoor air with outdoor air occurs.


A mobile hospital must similarly offer a wide supply of traditional hospital supplies. The shelters serve as the core of every mobile hospital, which held the key processes of patient care. From simple engagement on emergency room, laboratory, X-ray range up to the operating room, all necessary functions can be represented in our shelters. The establishment and the equipment needed are freely configurable.

Mobile Hospital Carrier from Global LAV

Further the shelter can also been used to support the medical staff. Kitchen or sanitary facilities can be installed here.



The tents are the second most important component of the mobile hospitals. The self erecting tents are ready for action in a short time and present with the shelter a closed infrastructure. The inner tents make the interior bright, they are easily cleanable or replaceable. We can offer the tents in two versions of 30 qm or 40 qm. They can be used as corridors, triage area, patient ward, surgical preparation or intensive care unit.

Mobile Hospital Tents from Global LAV

The rugged construction (roof load up to 15kg/m², storm proof up to 100km/h), the options like air conditioning, light, electric power, partitions, additional insulation or multiple colors make the tents versatile. As well as shelter, the tents can be used to store medical supplies.


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