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Looking for full vehicle armoring solution? Global LAV is worldwide known for its matchless armoring solution services that are designed to gratify your security needs. We deal in light armored vehicles of all sizes, shapes and types. We ensure all potential weaknesses are eliminated. We manufacture special purpose vehicles that are custom designed for specific applications. We know that each application is unique and has exact specifications that must be adhered to.

Global LAV an Armored Car Dealer YouTube

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All parts used and services provided on our armored vehicles are done using the latest cutting edge technology.
Our bulletproof vehicles meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
If not sure about right armored option. Let our specialist assist you with your selection.
Order your dream armored vehicle today as nothing is precious than your life.

Our offices are located in the United States, Canada and UAE.
Global shipping available!
Call us now on +01 813 602 1748
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Global LAV, your safety is our priority.