Cash-In-Transit Vehicles (CIT)

 Cash-In-Transit Vehicles (CIT) in the world that is as uncertain and dangerous as the one we live, there has to be specialized vehicles to move and transport our most valuable goods.

Many military oriented businesses are used to using both soft and non soft skin vehicles for all manner of uses. Many places have to worry about civilian threats and so we often sell to governments, militias, or security groups.

Typically for the CIT vehicles we’re looking for that special customer who wants the most high quality transport vehicle. This customer isn’t worried about looking stylish; they’re worried about getting the most secure transportation system possible.


Cash-In-Transit Vehicles (CIT) Chevy Van 3500

Cash-In-Transit Vehicles (CIT) Chevy Van 3500

The anti-soft skin vehicles that we offer for cash transit are the best vehicles from a variety of manufacturers for the purpose of securely transferring valuables.

Whether you are moving cash, gems, or gold bullion, a CIT vehicle will provide the perfect amount of protection. The doors, locks, and reinforcements of our CIT vehicles are rated to withstand the worst that an enemy can throw at them. You won’t have to worry about losing your most prize possession because you’ll be driving in ours!


Cash-In-Transit Vehicles (CIT) Features

 The features of Cash-In-Transit Vehicles (CIT) incorporate the most secure and highest technology in the industry. The key difference between, for example, an armored SUV and a CIT vehicle has to do with how the vehicle is designed. In a CIT vehicle there is a separate cab and chassis.

In addition to the differentiated cab, the CIT vehicles contain the most high tech security for moving valuables between different people while limiting the exposure of both the valuables and themselves from would be attackers.


The holistic approach taken in the design of all our CIT vehicles means that you’re going to get a customized vehicle at your exact budget; and when it comes to our CIT line, it’s going to mean that you get that customization at the exact budget level that you’d expect from the most high quality products.


Security agencies all over the world use our armored cars and SUVs—the CIT line is just one more of our divisions that we focus on. A true armored car vehicle company would be quite remiss to not offer the original type of armored vehicle, which really is what a CIT vehicle is. CIT vehicles were the first type of armored vehicles and our line continues the tradition with the most up to date features and the best quality available.

We ship our CIT vehicles all over the world and will provide you any information you desire. So, when you’re thinking about what kind of vehicle you should get for transporting your most precious material, go no further. We have a wide selection of CIT vehicles to choose from and a wide array of options for ensuring that you get exactly what you want from an armored CIT rig.

If you need to frequently move valuables and haven’t found a reputable Expert, we make it easy for you to search our site, find what you need, and order from wherever you are.

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