Best Aircraft Armoring Solutions


Protecting your fleet of aircraft is a good idea if you want to prolong their life from constant use. Also, when it comes to aircraft armoring, you need to choose the right kind of materials to ensure that your aircraft’s flying capabilities, as well as transmission and radar systems won’t be compromised. For this, you will need to find a company that will provide you with correct aviation armoring based on the function of your aircraft, and this is where Global LAV comes into the picture.


Airplane Armoring

 Airplanes need to be able to maneuver easily at their speed and installing armor plating just won’t cut it. The weight of the armor plates can affect the speed and agility of the aircraft when flown, and hence, specialized aircraft armoring is used to protect certain areas of the airplane such as the cockpit and cabin. This way, the aircraft will have ample protection in case it comes under fire especially when flown over dangerous areas or terrains. Commercial airplanes are also equipped with lightweight airplane armoring to protect against birds flying accidentally on their flight path without compromising their maneuverability in the air. Global LAV is fully capable of providing you with aircraft armoring solutions tailored to the needs and uses of your fleet of airplanes.


Helicopter Armoring

 Helicopter armoring is another service you can expect from Global LAV. Using the latest technology, Global LAV is capable of providing your helicopter with top quality protection from the cockpit, crew seats, all the way to its gunner stations and transmissions wall. The armors installed are not only lightweight but also have high-resistance to constant wear and tear so you can expect constant protection whenever you’re flying.


Aviation Armoring at Its Best

Installation of aircraft armoring should be done in such a way that transmission and radar systems won’t be compromised. Global LAV will provide proper  install and maintain airplane armoring or helicopter armoring to ensure that your aircraft is fully protected at all times at minimal costs.


With the latest technology and equipment in creating customized armors for your fleet of aircraft, Global LAV is a go-to place for those who are in need of proper protection for both military and commercial aircrafts. Global LAV makes use of aircraft armoring materials that have been approved based on the military and civilian aerospace regulations with regards to stress, environmental properties, as well as requirements for reliability and safety on air.


If you want to enhance the protection of your aircrafts, Global LAV is the best place to find lightweight and highly resistant aircraft armoring. Get customized aviation armoring from the best at Global LAV.