Armored Personal Vehicle

 The lightweight armor that our armored personal vehicle has provides the best and most fuel efficient protection on the market. The lightweight armor used on the vehicles we sell is perfect for many makes and models and so we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs and tastes. If you’re wondering why you would need an armored personal vehicle, let the below stats speak for themselves.


Only 10-20% of terrorist attacks occur outside of a vehicle. This is probably because terrorists (like any person seeking to prey on the weak) know that traveling in a vehicle is one of the most exposed a person is in life. The soft target that you make yourself when you’re in a vehicle makes you an ideal target for both terrorists and would-be kidnappers.


Armored Sedan Mercedes Benz S550

Armored Sedan Mercedes Benz S550

Violent crime has resulted in no less than 500,000 cases in the United States in recent years. As criminals get more desperate to feed their crime lust they are seeking to conduct more complex and violent attacks against citizens. Also, with the increased use of mind-altering a violence inducing drugs the crimes that occurring are their most violent in history. By mitigating the risk of being killed or kidnapped while in your vehicle you are increasing the likelihood of survival. And the best way to mitigate that risk: to use and ride in armored personal vehicles.


Approximately 40,000 to 60,000 kidnappings occur every year. As criminals get more desperate for money they seek to prey on the well to do and those who may have the ability to pay for a financially based ransom. With an armored personal vehicle the likelihood that a criminal will even target you is severely diminished. And, were the worst case scenario to come to fruition, the use of an armored personal vehicle would veritably guarantee that any kid-napping attempt would fail.


If the above statistics don’t convince you that you need an armored personal vehicle, perhaps you are worried that the car will be too conspicuous. As they say, when it looks like a target, it becomes one. Well, the armored personal vehicles that we offer are up-armored versions of the most common models. Whether you’re looking for a Chevy or a Mercedes, we’re sure to have the perfect car  for you.


The vehicles we sell have been field tested and have shown to work quite well in the field. Obviously we never want to see our vehicles ever need to be battle tested; but, given the nature of the world today in many dangerous places of the world, our vehicles have shown to stand up to the worst case scenarios and have protected their passengers from harm or, worse, death.


Don’t let the world hurt you or your family. Take the opportunity to peruse our website, find the perfect make and model for your needs, and order an armored personal vehicle today. When you’re cruising around the city (and no one will know you’re cruising in such a safe and armored vehicle) you will feel safer than you ever had. And when you’re driving around with your loved ones you’ll know they are safe from the evils of the world in what would otherwise be one of their most vulnerable places—the car.

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