Armored Luxury Sedans


If you’re looking to purchase one of the highest quality bulletproof luxury sedans available, our Armored Luxury Sedans will fill that need completely. No matter where in the world you’re located we will be able to fill your needs; we ship our vehicles all over the world and at the most competitive industry prices. Carrying the best names in the luxury vehicle community we have Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen vehicles all with the latest innovations of up-armored technology.


Now, if you’re asking yourself what armored luxury sedans entails or why you might want the latest in up-armored technology, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news and entertainment gossip, you might have read that Kanye West, an American entertainer, recently purchased several armored cars for him and his family. So, it begs the question, “Why?”


In the modern world so few places are as exposed to the threat of injury as inside a vehicle. You don’t have to be a country’s leader or a famous recording artist to know the value of an armored car. Now, armored luxury sedans do bring a sense of class to those who purchase them (and ours are the best on the market), the main purpose would certainly be to provide for the highest level of safety possible. And if you are a star or you need that added protection, you can feel safe that your children, your friends, your spouse, and yourself will all be protected from any trouble that may present itself.


Really, the greatest thing about our luxury vehicles is that they are so dang cool looking! You’ll know you’re driving the safest vehicles on the market and everyone else will know you’re driving one classy machine. And when you’re traveling not only will you be doing it in style you will have the comfort of the most luxury vehicles available. High quality interior designs, technology, and handling make these top of the line vehicles a must for the buyer who wants the best in class vehicle.


Take a look inside one of our most luxury sedans: the Audi A8L W12. This vehicle is one of the hottest rides on the market and, from the outside, its luxury version is all but indistinguishable from non-armored models. So, while you roll around the cities and streets of your country, you won’t have to feel at all like you’re standing out while being in an armored vehicle. But, when you open up the Armored Audi A8L W12, you’ll see why it’s so safe. There are transparent armor glass bullet proof windows, armored polycarbonate doors, and a virtual computer lab of security equipment and communication software.

Armored Luxury Sedans

Armored Luxury Sedans

If you’re looking for the best in bulletproof luxury sedans, you need look no further than Global LAV. Our products are the best in the world and offer the security and safety that is necessary for any situation as well as the comfort that you’ve grown to expect from a best in class luxury sedan. The transparent, lightweight, and effective armor that comes with all of of our vehicles will keep you and your loved ones safe and will last for as long as you need it. What are you waiting for, get yours here today!


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